Video Games And The Xbox One

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Imagine you are at home with family and friends and y’all want to watch a movie or vibe out to some music. The Xbox One is a system for all members of the family to enjoy. The console has an amazing assortment of video games and apps and functionalities that tailor to almost anyone’s entertainment needs. The Xbox One accommodates for those who want relax and listen to music, or maybe sit back watch their favorite TV show with the family, surf the web for information to help them with a paper, simply play video games, and so much more. The Xbox One and its premier feature Xbox Live make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an all-around entertainment hub. First, there is the fluent and easy to use Xbox One interface. Once the Xbox has started up you are brought to the home screen, which is a layout of boxes with thumbnails for the application that they represent. The largest box on the home screen contains the most recently used games or apps. To the left of that is the friends list, messages, notification, and settings menu. To the right of it are whatever promotions and sales currently going on in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Directly below the main module are your most used games and apps in order from most recently used to last. Below that is an area of most used games and apps this is tab labeled my stuff which contains all games and apps. Xbox live also has many forms of social media. The Microsoft created service has apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and

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