Video Games And Violent Violence

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One cannot avoid them; they are everywhere. On television, iPads, cell phones, and even specially made devices for babies and children. Video games are interwoven with our daily lives. For many, it is just an innocent way to relax or enjoy themselves. For others, it has become an addiction in which they cannot escape. Not all video games are violent, but what about those that are? Does society have an obligation to monitor every type of video game children and adults play simply because they believe it may lead to acts of violence? Psychologists, Sociologists, Anthropologist, Schools, and Law Enforcement not only in the United States but across the world, have been seeking out a correlation between violent video games and violence in youth. They are desperately trying to find an answer for the increase in violent attacks in many venues such as malls, churches, random shootings, and sadly on our school campuses. All leading to little evidence, or evidence that may have become bias and needs to be excluded from the study. The jury is still out on this decision as some studies suggest there is no relationship and other studies say there is. This researcher begins her investigation into this research by examining the results of many different studies. Her reasoning behind this is to discover if there is a real psychological connection between violence and video games, or if it lays in the aggressiveness of the player himself. According to one study done by Oxford University(
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