Video Games Are A Form Of Art

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Video games are a form of art. As a result, they capture relevant social opinions of the time and are encoded with history and culture. By interacting with players they force their audience to think critically about situations and to form opinions about the society around them. Games accomplish this through authorship and agency, which allows them record individual viewpoints. The construction of a game influences its value as a lasting work. The different constructions of video games (whether rhizomatic or maze-like) results in different opinions being formed by the user. As Bogost mentioned in his article, “The Rhetoric of Video Games,” by using “procedurality… [to] create possibility spaces that can be explored through play” (125) creators of games can produce more agency in a game, which in turn allows the audience to make more choices. Tough decisions may then resonate with the audience, and cause them to form opinions about the game and society as a whole. A maze-like game can be compared to a linear story. It is simple, with little flourish and little thought contributed by the audience. In general it has a clear beginning and end, is direct, and is easy to understand. In contrast, a rhizomatic videogame is like a non-linear story. Audience members have to be engaged wholeheartedly in order to truly understand what is occurring and the meaning behind it. An author’s intent is often hidden deep within the game. Rhizomatic video games can have multiple meanings, be

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