Video Games Can Cause Emotions

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Many people view video games as harmful while I believe video games can be useful. Video games use puzzles, questions, and plat-forming which the players are confronted with and are needed to solve. These types of interactions need constant thinking and planning to solve. Video games also use emotional tools in their story lines to give the players the sense of reality in the game, for example if one of the heroes in the story were to die for an honorable reason, then the gamer would feel a sense of sadness or pride in the characters sacrifice. Video games can cause emotions in people which can be used in many ways to help patients with emotional disorders. Most people believe that video games are harmful because they contain violence and contribute to very little in the developmental process of the mind, but I believe video games can be helpful with their elements that most video games focus on, as well as the interaction video games require from the players. People with depression experience long moments where the world around them seems pointless, they feel no goals, no joy, and no use. One woman suffering from depression, Gail Nichols, suffered with severe depression for years, she had problems going out, socializing, and sleeping. One day a friend of Nichols introduced her to the game “Bejeweled”. Nichols’ doctors would see a sudden change in her attitude when she would play this game. Nichols later mention how this game affected her, “Games are a big help in getting
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