Video Games Cause Real World Violence

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Do violent video games cause real world violence on kids? These games can be gruesome and gory but they don't have a negative violent influence on kids for reasons like no study has shown that it causes real world violence, there can be metal heath problems with these people committing these violent acts and finally there are other reasons why these people do these things that are getting blamed on violent video games.
"No study has ever shown that violent video games result directly in actual violence let alone mass shootings." This quote from "Do Games Like' Grand Theft Auto V' Cause Real World Violence?" Shows that people have studied this topic and are worried just as much as others. So even though these games are violent studies have
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Unfortunately there is a forgotten factor in these shooting, and they aren't violent video games. "If there is a true culprit here, it is the society which allows so many of its mentally ill to all between the cracks." Say Erik Kan in his article "Do Games Like' Grand Theft Auto V' Cause Real World Violence?" What I think he is saying is that the people acting the way they do when it comes to these shooting is because of other reasons not just playing violent games. It would be easy to say violent video games kill people, but that’s not the case. There are many other factors that cause these people to act the way they do. These games do not try to promote killing people as and okay thing to do, it's just a game that is getting a label as the reason for these kids going off and killing people.
Social media, families or even friends all have an impact on negative or violent behaviors in others. "Blaming video games for violence in the real world is no more productive than blaming the news media for bringing violent crimes into our homes night after night." Says ESA (environmental software association) That quote proves that violent video games don’t always result in real world violence, and they shouldn't be blamed for these people taking out these actions at their own
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