Video Games Do Not Contribute to Youth Violence Essay

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Video games are not the cause of youth violence. There are many factors that have to be lined up to cause a child to be violent. For instance Many kids that become violent have had a rough life. They may have been poor, bullied, have alcoholic parents, neglected, or don't have parents at all (kids health). Over the years games have helped kids adapt to things in the world to better help their futures (washington post). Studies prove that video games can help children learn new mechanics (washington post). Also its a great way to blow of steam (Metro). Video games can cause problems with some children, but some of the fault is on the parents ( kids health). There have been many big controversies over videogames but the biggest controversy …show more content…
The APA studied children who played shooter games over 2013 and found that kids who play shooter games improved their capacity to think about things in three dimensions (Washington Post). In another study they had they found that children who play role playing games like “call of duty” that they improve their problem solving skills and their school grads the following year ( washington post). Parents who are scared that their kids will become violent because of games can be relieved knowing that many kids get benefits from playing violent video games. Video games do have content that children should not see at a young age. Thats for the parents to decide what is ok for their children. Sometimes it is hard to believe that videogames are not a big factor in youth violence because many games have youth violence in them. Children that turn to youth violence usually has to do with the way they were raised or how they were treated at school or at home. Video games do cause problems in people. in a recent study 60% of middle school boys that played a mature game hit or beat someone due to violent video games(procon). If people don't want their children to be part of that 60% then explain to them that it is just a game don't blame the game companies because they specified the age group for that game (procon). Families are a major part in youth violence. families who have poor relationship or neglect their children could cause for their children to have mental
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