Video Games Effects On Children

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Video games have become an important part of children lives these days. As parents we need to help our children spend a reasonable amount of time on gaming. Allowing too much time on video games can hinder a child’s developmental process. Obsessive amounts of video game playing can cause; attention span problems, inhibit social interaction, aggression, poor social skills, and games are not intellectually stimulating. Parents need to take control and limit the time their children spend on video games each day. Paying Attention School children already have enough on their plates while in school and need to pay as much attention as they can to their teachers. Sixty-seven percent of elementary children are more liable to have attention span problems from playing video games for more than two hours (Klein, 2010). Some parents seem to believe that video games will not harm their attention like TV does. Researchers say that children who watch TV or play games for long periods struggle to pay attention to their teachers while at school (Klein, 2010). Parents will even say that video games do not affect their children’s attention because they can sit for hours playing with no problem. Dr. Ron Steingard, says “Continuous activity doesn’t mean sustained attention”. Dr. Steingard, also states that “The task is changing so rapidly, shorts burst of attention are all that’s involved” (Miller, n.d., para. 6). Yalda Uhls, a senior researcher with the UCLA’s Children’s Digital Media Center,
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