Video Games Effects On Entertainment Industry

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Today in our world, video games have been a massive impact and phenomenon on entertainment industry. People from different ages playing video games from different types of consuls and games, and the sales from this industry is growing. What is makes different from video games than another entertainment industry is video games encourage people in different levels to have more attention and focus more emotionally and physically on the screen. There are different games that are made to appeal the gamers and have their own style and graphic to attract different stages of audience. More, video games it all started beginning from Atari console, which included a very simple games such as Mario and chees and simple controller. Now, we have a different types of consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and others available consoles in the market with variety of games. Also, with a huge improve of graphics in the games that led the gamer to involve and attract more to the games. With the huge increase amount of players these days, the controversy on wither video games effect are positive or negative. Plying video games have many different effects both negative and positive. Some of these effects include increase of the mental ability and reaction of the gamer, a falling of interest of other activities such as study and sports; and a massive negative effect of including changing behavior and violence. There are has been controversy on the negative effects of the video games on
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