Video Games For Learning Education

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Video Games for Learning in Education
Most educators are familiar with the potential benefit of using technology for learning. Some say it will make students smarter, it will be faster and cheaper than the traditional approach to learning. While educators contemplate what technology to use, and how to use it, they usually resort to multimedia computers, projectors and smart boards, often overlooking video games. In retrospect, many educator look at software that support specific subject area content. For example, math teachers examine software that could be used to do math computation, English teacher choose software geared toward language. With this being the case, teachers limited the use of technology in the classroom to specific kinds of devices and software. Technological devices such as video games and consoles are often ignored. In reality, young adults spend many hours, perhaps when they should be studying, playing video games on smartphones, X-Box, and PlayStation 3. The aim of this paper is to discuss the use of video games in education for learning.
WHY VIDEO GAMES MATTER Innovations in technology has impacted education in many way, now, students can find whatever they want, when they want to and where they want to by using computers, browsers, smartphones and the Internet. In essence, technology has changed the way students learn, what they learn and how they learn. Hovious and Van Eck indicated that 21st century learning entails students using and
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