Video Games Harmful And Corrupting The Minds Of The Youth

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Dakota Kloss Are video games harmful? Are they poisoning society and corrupting the minds of the youth? The evidence would certainly make it seem that way, but what are the real effects that video games have on people? Video games have been the subject of controversy ever since their creation. Yes that’s right, ever since the creation of Pong, video games have been a concern. In fact C. Everett Koop stated that “There is nothing constructive in the games. Everything is eliminate, kill, destroy and do it fast” (Marcovitz 12). As video games grow more and more like real life concern grows as well. However, as video games grow, they also grow in providing a safe outlet for negative emotions, teaching player’s life lessons, and any research…show more content…
An example of video games providing a true sense of control is in the game franchise known as “Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney” in which you play as a lawyer protecting clients in a courtroom scenario. This game is very much reliant on the player’s skill level to find contradictions in witness testimonies and luck is never a factor. This sense of control is what all people crave and is what the video game developers give to players. All of this evidence shows that video games are a way for people to let out their negative emotions in a safe environment and a helpful way to satisfy basic human cravings of control. Video games can also teach players life lessons without the players feeling like they are learning. Video games can teach players how risk taking can pay off, how to deal with challenges, how to find an alternate route to their goal, and how to manage and deal with frustration (Marcovitz 55). Video games can also “improve spatial reason and focus, memory formation, strategic planning, muscle control, and fine motor skills” (Netzley 42). One business owner has a section of time in the work day where employees can sit together and play video games, he has this to say, “When employees play together, they learn team-building concepts that they can later use in their professional roles” (Marcovitz 58). Just like in real life, video game problems grow
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