Video Games Have A Huge Part Of Society

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From Pac-Man to Call of Duty, video games have been a huge part of society. People will line up hours before a midnight launch of a video game just so they can play it the night it gets released. Video games aren’t just a hobby they are a passion. People get immersed in fantasy worlds playing Call of Duty or being a dragon slayer in dragon age or Elder Scrolls. Video games are about accomplishment and competiveness. Xbox and PlayStation have built an empire on video games and consoles because our society fell in love with them dating way back to the arcade Pac-Man and Donkey Kong days. “Video game sales ($25 billion in 2011) continue to be the No. 1 form of discretionary entertainment, outshining both movies and music” (USA,News 2015). Video games are obviously nothing without the consoles you play them on. PlayStation and Xbox are the biggest competitors in the video game market. The new consoles are virtually the same with a few small differences. The difference between buying an Xbox one or a PlayStation 4 is mostly your history of buying. Most PlayStation users have always had PlayStations and most Xbox users have always had Xbox’s. For a huge number of our society, playing video games is a lifestyle. History In 1967 Ralph Baer invented the first video game that worked on a television screen. The video game was a very simple game, consisting of two squares that chase each other on the screen. However, this simple game paved the way for future video games and future
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