Video Games Have A Positive Effect On Kids And More Adults Should Let Their Kids

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I believe that video games have a positive effect on kids and more adults should let their kids play video games because of the many learning aspects that it can share. Most people say video games are too violent and that it stops kids from paying attention in school. All video games require a lot of critical thinking that can help you think better either its dealing with school work or any other situation. “Kids who play video games are given unusual problems to solve, many of which they must solve very quickly. This process improves critical-thinking skills and can teach kids the value of trying several different solutions to a problem, a skill that will benefit them for life” (Lisa Weber and Demand Media 2007). For example the same…show more content…
Video games are often highly motivating for children with autism, and these games offer opportunities for successful learning and a stress-free opportunity to improve skills such as planning, organization and self-monitoring” (Lisa Weber and Demand Media 2007). For example kids that play video games that have the online feature that allows you to play other video gamers and also communicate with other kids across the world allows kids that struggle with autism or making friends to meet other people and actually have the social life the he/she always wanted but knew that they couldn’t have in actual modern society. Its ok to let your kids play video games because kids that don’t play video games will never get this experience if there parent or guardian won’t allow them to and it is very important to have some kind of social life in today’s world, not having a social life could leave your child feeling neglected or depressed but if you let your kid play video games then this will not happen to them at all. There are a lot of good things that can come from a video game’s and one of those things is hand eye coordination. The main video game that helps out the most with hand eye coordination is the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Wii is a game console that has a remote control that controls your every movement and display’s it on the TV screen Being coordinated can help someone in a lot of different ways like if you played sports or if you had a
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