Video Games Have Become Part Of The Social Norm For Kids Now Days

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Video games have become part of the social norm for kids now days. Whether it be for educational purposes, sports, a way to take the edge off, or for just pure entertainment, games have evolved to simulate a real life feel. As video games have advanced, so have the graphics and objectives. Kids are not playing low bit games like Pong anymore, but rather games that look and feel like real life. When you pick up the controller now, you’re entering a completely different world.
Today, children are growing up in a media saturated world. There was a national survey in the US that found children aged 8 to 10 years had and average media usage time of 7 hours and 38 minutes every day (Agarwal, 2012).
While some people play for a sense of reward, others play to connect with friends. Everyone plays different games for different reasons. A stress reliever by shooting a few hundred zombies, driving your imaginary dream car down the highway going 120 miles per hour, or working out with a virtual trainer to get into better shape.
The mass media has a poor image about games and the effect that they may have on kids. Some would say that young children are becoming addicted or playing these games constantly and withdrawing from society. They believe that kids are becoming shyer and less aware of true reality, and live in a fantasy video game like land. This causes them to not want to interact with other kids.
It’s a double edged sword when it comes to media usage and video games with both

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