Video Games Have On Culture

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The Far Reaching Influence Video Games Have on Culture All you can see on screen is a pair of arms holding a gun as you proceed down a poorly lit, grungy tunnel. Looking down, you can’t see your own feet—not because of the gloom, they simply weren’t included in the design. A heads up display shows ammo, health, shields, and a motion tracker in the corner while an aiming reticule sits in the center of the screen. The graphics are shoddy at best by today’s standards, but at the time it was released this was considered to be the cutting edge of video games. This is Halo: Combat Evolved, released in 2001, not even two decades ago. Now known as the first in the Halo series, at the time it was an example of how far video games had come; today it…show more content…
“In books, everything is laid before you,” he says. “There is nothing left for you to discover. Video games are the only forms of artistic expression that allow the authoritative voice of the author to remain true while allowing the observer to explore and experiment.” This is especially true when looking at older creations, when the graphics and narratives were limited by the current technology, forcing players to draw heavily from their imaginations, becoming what Melissinos calls the game’s “third voice,” the first voice being the designer of the game, and the second voice being the mechanics of the game itself (Tucker). One of the most memorable parts of any game is its main theme, the song that plays during the title screen . Originally simple 8-bit tunes meant to draw attention at arcades, a video game’s soundtrack was handled by the programmers, limited to whatever space was left over after the game itself was complete (Hsu). As a result, early games such as Tetris had a single short, repetitive song that would loop constantly in the background, eventually becoming embedded in the player’s brain. As technology developed to allow for more efficient data storage, companies were able to add longer and more complex songs. Eventually, as games became more immersive, the soundtrack became a way to emphasize what was occurring on screen (Hsu). With video games becoming an increasingly competitive
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