Video Games Help Enhance Children's lives Essay

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"Today, in the United States, 91% of children between the ages of 2 and 17 play videogames, and a nationally representative study of U.S. teenagers found that up to 99% of boys and 94% of girls play these games" (Granic, Label and Engels 1). Video games have become virtually ubiquitous, belonging to almost every single modern day family. The market’s popularity, as well as its disapproval, has increased dramatically ever since they were invented. Many critics have been arguing for the past couple decades or so that these electronic games have destroyed the lives of children by making them sedentary and obese. However, recent studies support that video games are not harming children, but in fact are providing them with several…show more content…
Although critics discourage these violent, realistic games, the skills that children adapt are evidently necessary to their development. In addition to the benefits that every child receives, "...researchers have used video games to help learning disabled children in their development of spatial abilities, problem-solving exercises, and mathematical ability" (Griffiths 48). The amplitude of these cognitive effects is also dependent on the size of the screen; greater augmentations are found when the player interacts with a smaller screen (Oei and Patterson 15). Moreover, children aren’t the only ones who receive these enhancements. The Israeli Air Force utilizes a video game simulation that helps improve their cognitive abilities with decision-making skills (Drummond 20). Basketball players also enhance their decision-making skills in their games with a simulation called Basketball IntelliGym (Drummond 20). Furthermore, surgeons who had played video games before becoming a surgeon are quicker and more precise in training tests than surgeons who don't have video game experience (Drummond 22). Hand in hand with developing cognitive improvements, people who play video games are able to maintain and aid their physical health. Several emerging video games require the players to use their heads and bodies to operate the game (Drummond 22). For example, the Nintendo Wii promotes physical movement such as swinging or jabbing to interact within the game (Drummond

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