Video Games : Improving Critical Life Skills

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Nick Smith PSY 101-ENG 121 Mandley-Stilwell December 1, 2016 How Video Games are Bolstering Critical Life Skills in Children In 1972 Magnavox Odyssey and Atari developed and released what has come to be understood as the first video game titled, Pong. A simple tennis game where the goal is simply to keep the ball within the bounds of the screen. Since then, video games have flourished into a diverse industry varying in several genres. It has become an industry where companies work to develop a game as a form of art, or simply an immersive action packed adventure. While the significance of this topic is not to be disregarded, as video games have become an extremely popular hobby among children and teens. As gamers around the world play for an astonishing three billion hours every week. However, video games especially first person shooter games (FPS) have come to portray a very negative connotation among parents of millennials, as they are believed to cause aggression in adolescents. Interestingly enough, research shows they actually have various positive effects like an increase in hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and situational awareness. So when it comes to titles intended for more mature audiences, the decision falls to the parent on whether or not to allow their child the possession of said title. The argument generally made is that playing video games generally increases aggressive behavior in laboratory experiments. In field studies, giving school
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