Video Games Influence Violent Behavior

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In addition, despite controlling content such as hostility traits, and frequency of gameplay, exposure to violent content in video games was shown to be a significant predictor of physical fights (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, and Walsh 18). The current research study indicates trait hostility not to be the sole factor that leads to aggressive behaviour (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, and Walsh 18). If it were the sole factor, then children and adolescents who had low traits of hostility would not get into physical fights with others, making their video game habits an irrelevant determining factor (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, and Walsh 18). The same notion should be seen in individuals with high hostility traits, who, regardless of their video game habits,…show more content…
Video games involve prosocial content, such as killing the enemy to save the world; there are positive aspects to video games that counteract effects of violent content. A meta-analysis was conducted to determine that there are positive effects of prosocial video game play; for example, in games where cooperation is mandatory in multiplayer teams, positive behaviours is enforced and taught to children (Greitemeyer, and Mugge 585). For example, an individual will assist another player to kill the targeted enemy; recent findings have shown this cooperative playing in violent video games counteracts the negative effects of the violent exposure (Greitemeyer, and Mugge 585). The cooperative behaviour and empathy has an overriding effect because they are antagonists of aggressive responses (Greitemeyer, and Mugge 586). Prosocial games thus are beneficial in the cognitive development, health, and social behaviour of youth, as it increases the attitude of helping others, and decreases the attitude of aggression. In terms of social behaviour, it is important to note the content of the video game when deciding how it will effect the
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