Video Games Should Be A Sport

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Video games should become a sport because they involve lots of skills, video games make people think outside of the box. Video games are more energetic then some so called sports going around today.
After all the years of video games being played people say that they are bad for you and that you should go outside and play sport instead. Kids always get told to play sport but in the end video games can be really helpful with life lessons and they can also help you gain new skills depending on the games that you play.
Video games should be a sport because they make people get involved in group/team work, these games are also more energetic then some other sports like lawn balls, darts and 8pool. If these activities are classified as sport, video games should be as well because they often use more thinking
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Once you are watching you will witness raw talent and extreme skills. People will notice that eSports has a huge and dedicated fan base. These competitions usually attract more viewers than other so called sports! Last year’s League of Legends tournament peaked at 11.2 million viewers whereas only 8 million people viewed the NHL finals (National Hockey League).
To this day many people still argue that gaming shouldn’t be a sport because it lacks physical talent. If golfing and chess are allowed to be classed as sports I think video games should be acknowledged too.
Another reason as to why video games should be sports is because Seventy-two percent of all teens play video games, according to the most recent report by The Pew Research Centre. In 2014, Robert Morris University in Chicago became the first U.S. college to make video gaming a varsity sport, even offering scholarship prizes to top e-athletes. If colleges are making video gaming become a sport it should be seen worldwide, by doing this it will influence more kids to play at a high
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