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Sports Video Games
Teens Playing Sports Video Games than Playing Actually Sports

My friend Terry was really into play NCAA Football 2011, and Madden 08 during the time that we was in our freshmen year in high school. Terry would play sport video games for hours and forget to do his homework, help his mom babysit, or take out the trash. His favorite team to play with on NCAA Football was The Florida Gators, or The Alabama Crimson Tide, but for NFL Madden he would always play with The New Orleans Saints. He was a huge Drew Brees fan, and his older brother went to Alabama for college. Now, I also find playing sports games being interesting because of how it influence teenagers in school to not focus in their academic career. However, I still was would rather play sports outside, than play video games for 8 hour a day. Many sport athletes like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Clay Matthews, and Miguel Cabrera make millions from play sports in the sports industrial, but do they get paid for playing mindless video games. They would work on either their jump shot on the basketball court, passes on the football field, or penalty shots on the soccer field. Terry loves to play actually football, but still can get blind by the screen in front of him. FIFA star Lionel Messi would give it his all to be physically fit and healthy to make his money by playing the sports he loves, than playing FIFA 15 on the Xbox 360 or Wii. Kathryn Sheller and Andrea Fradkin, are reporters that feels…

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