Video Games: Sub-Concepts Of Simulation Games

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Sub-genres of simulation games are 1. Vehicle: These games create highly accurate experiences in operating in vehicles such as airplanes, ships, tanks, etc. For example, Flight Simulator X 2. Process (Construction & Management): These games simulate complex systems and processes, such as building & managing cities, civilizations, forming armies, constructing rails/roads, etc. These games are considered constructive rather than destructive as they involve building and creating activities,. For example, SimCity 4 3. Sports & Participatory: These games allow players to compete in sports or other events, allowing them to “play” as a participant in the event. For example, Madden NFL 08 • Strategy games: Game play typically has the player managing a limited set of resources to achieve a particular goal. There are generally two main components in such games: (1) Resource…show more content…
The console devices like PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and WiiU, are designed to work with a TV. These console devices are capable of connecting to the internet through home internet connection just like other computers and handheld devices do. This allows the gamers to download games or 'expansions' to existing games. This also enables gamers to play online, though playing games online may require a subscription for it. A parental control functions is included in the consoles of all the three major console manufacturers (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) that are linked to age ratings systems. Gaming consoles of these manufacturers also have in-built wireless system so that they can connect to the gamer’s home internet or other Wi-Fi hotspots. This enables a wide range of online functions, such as playing with/against peers or friends online (in a multi-player game), browsing the web, viewing or downloading films, storing photos/music and chatting to friends

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