Video Games : The Perfect Outlet And Source

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Video games are the perfect outlet and source to pour one’s soul into, especially if the game at hand deals is relatable. Usurp-Road to Valhalla is such a game as it deals with the various themes and issues that accompany growing up, dealing with adversity, and the pressure that parents can place on you. As of now the project is just an idea but I believe that it deserves funding so that it can be made into an actual game. All of the aspects such as target audience, features, and concerns have been looked into and have been assessed to prove that this game will be one that is greatly appreciated and loved by all. A vision is only that unless it has the force behind it to be acted upon. Before going into detail as to why this game is worth funding, there has to be an explanation of what this game truly is. Usurp-Road to Valhalla is a third-person action role-playing game that draws heavily from Norse mythology. It puts the gamer in control of the goddess Hel who in this universe is a sixteen-year-old high school student who attends Hindarfall High School in Bangor, Maine. Hel is psychologically tormented by her father, Loki, and wants to overthrow him and they only way to do so is by taking down the student council which is run by teenage versions of other Norse gods and goddesses. Along the way Hel encounters many obstacles she must overcome and depending on how she handles the situation, her true personality will begin to show (varies between her good (light side) or bad
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