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Blog 31 – The latest TV show licensed online slot game releases

Slot games are a dime a dozen in the online casino marketplace these days. While the level of oversaturation is simply too much for some, it is working wonders when it comes to the production values of games created. New games released in 2015 have pushed the boundaries more than any that have come before. Looking at the genre that has pushed slot games into the mainstream more than any other you need to look at the array of licensed titles that are now available. It seems that plenty of film, TV, comic, and video game franchises have now lent their imagery to the online slots format. While there are plenty of fine examples out there, looking at any online casino portal will
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Much like the show, this game is a little slow to get started, but once it enters its latter stages its level of entertainment becomes evident. Countless bonus features and a 5000x multiplier work to make the crescendo of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Slots something that shouldn’t be missed out on.

X Factor Slots

These days a Saturday night simply isn’t a Saturday night if X Factor isn’t on the television. It is the reality show that families up and down the UK stop to watch, with its viewing figures often topping the charts. It only makes sense that Ash Gaming would try and replicate such success through an online slots adaptation of the same show. From show stage to small screen, the game features identical sound effects and voice-overs that give the game the true X Factor feel. Visually the game looks just as impressive, as it places the player on the famed X Factor audition stage. As expected on-reel symbols are all singing related. While new ground isn’t broken in such regard, it does add a certain something to the atmosphere that the game is trying to create. By no means ground-breaking but ever so entertaining, when you combine the on-screen action with the intuitive Judges Bonus it becomes easier to see why this game is so lauded.

Pawn Stars Slots

Direct from Bally Technologies, Pawn Stars Slots is a game based on the sleeper hit TV series of the same name. What makes Pawn Stars truly special is the level of
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