Video Games : Video Game More Than Women

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Prizes in Video Games It is agreeable to say that there are video games that are good in mental processing for the brain. It is an entertaining hobby to play. Not many video gamers would pay attention to characters such as their role or development because of the enjoyment of playing computerize gaming consoles like Nintendo and PlayStation. One offensive pattern that has been cycling through in gaming is how women characters are presented. Females in video gaming are sexualized across the gaming media and are used as a key factor of a selling success in the market. Women are objectified as objects, rewards and as sexual entertainment. That is to say that one obvious point is men are more likely to play video game more than women. Since men play more, creators showcase women as sexual objects give entertainment for them. Its offending for a female to play and then to see how other female characters in the games are. The stereotype is that video games are established for men and it is unusual for a woman to play. It is more common and a norm for a guy to play but for a girl who is less likely to. When it comes to costumes in characters, women are dressed up in more revealing clothing while men are dressed as more ordinary or masculine. Females would show more skin and private parts. In other terms, bigger breasts or more cleavage are shown. Being shown as “Sexy” is a key idea of the game selling. Video game creators gives no explanation to why skin is shown more besides

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