Video Games : Violence And Violence

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By the year 1980, almost every house in America had a computer or a television. The issue of violence in these media products has been a highly-debated issue for the past few decades. Recently it has become extremely popular in the subject of violence in video games. It is rumored that games such as “Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Battlefield, Halo and many more have been the culprit behind a recent spike in childhood aggression. Many people have their own views on the subject, but it has been most commonly deduced that aggression is caused by the games, but violence does not always follow the aggression. Violence in video games has been proven to have a direct correlation with the aggression in children. One fine example of violence due to video gaming violence is the school shooting at Sandy Hooks Elementary School. The 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 students between 6 and 7 years old, six adult staff members, and his mother hours prior to the school shooting. Mr. Lanza was studied by psychologists and psychiatrist, to try and deduce what had triggered such a violent spree. It was shortly concluded that the source was violence in the video games he played. He owned, like many young adult men at the time, first person shooter games such as “Call of Duty”. In a statement by distinguished, pediatric psychiatrist, Dr. Vic Strasburger, he stated that “I 've treated several school shooters and my best guess is that these kids have four factors that apply,One: They 've
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