Video Games, Which Have Been Around For Quite A While Now

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Video games, which have been around for quite a while now is usually perceived as an exciting thriller to most. The use of video games ranges from young children to older men and sometimes women. The video game industry has had a huge expansion in technology and gaming techniques in the recent years causing it to be more appealing to the public eye. Although video games normally have ratings for certain age groups, they are played by everybody no matter the age. There has been an increase in the number of children who use video games in many parts of the world, particularly in the United States (Hagan, et al. 2002). A study shows that 4 hours a child would normally play video games back in the 1980’s in the United States has tripled. The…show more content…
This research paper will discuss the various effects that playing video games have on children. They impact children’s lives socially and they increase violence among children (Sherry, 2001). The vast majority of the negative impacts that come with playing violent video games among kids can be faulted for the absurd scenes contained in each game. Kids tend to turn out socially segregated and awkward because they spend 10 times more time playing a game than engaging in social activities. This implies that since a kid’s time is consumed in a negative way, they do not have enough time to interface with different individuals from their every day surroundings (Anderson and Bushman, 2001). A child or adolescent who spends numerous hours a day playing games will have little time to meet and make new friends. They may turn out to be more discouraged and desolate in their homes. Since a video game can consume most of a kids time, they will likewise invest little energy in different exercises, for example, sports, school and neighborhood clubs, perusing, and doing homework. The kid may turn out to be socially inactive since they don 't engage in social activities. Some games teach kids wrong values and morals. The majority of kids who invest a lot of their energy playing games are probably going to perform ineffectively in school. A strong number of games are addictive. As opposed to considering or finishing homework, a kid invests energy playing
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