Essay on Video Games and Ethical Responsibility

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Video Games and Ethical Responsibility We are the first generation to grow up in a world full of computers. Everyone and their cousin has one. It is almost impossible to go on a vacation anymore without seeing a computer. Some hotels and cruise ships have public computers and even many planes have video game systems built into the back of every chair. With computers being so predominant in our daily lives, we must have some use for them. Many people use them for work and many for the internet, but an overwhelming amount use them to play games as well. Games as simple as solitaire, as fun as pinball, or as challenging as chess. These are simple games that almost anyone can pick up. You can teach your four year old child how to play…show more content…
The basis of the game was table tennis; you hit the ball to the other side and avoid letting the ball get past you. The simple idea had the Pong machine jammed with quarters within the first week, people loved it. With the release of Pong the market for video games was created. Home versions of video games reached households by 1975; no longer would you have to go to a bar or arcade to play a game.1 From this point on children would be growing up in a world of video games. Who is playing these games? The people who have had video games in their household their entire life would not even be 30 years old. This means that the video game consumers are young. They are people who have grown up with them in some way, and had them integrated into their childhood. 26% of people older than 18 played video games in 2001 (55 million), with the vast majority of them being between 18 and 24.2 Although the market for video games increased dramatically in the mid 80’s when arcade games went mainstream and Nintendo released their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for home use. This was soon followed by the release of the more advanced Sega Genesis and Nintendo’s portable gaming system the Game Boy in 1989. With all these impressive new releases a younger and younger crowd became attracted to gaming. 92% of children ages 2-17 played video games in 2001 (59 million). The more mainstream gaming has become, the more socially acceptable it

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