Video Games and Violence: Both Sides of the Argument

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Background Does playing a video game make you prone to commit real-life violence? This question has been an issue since the very early 90's when violent games like Doom and Wolfenstein were released, but only in the last half a decade or so (mainly since the incident at Columbine, Colorado, 1999 – when it was revealed that the teenage shooters were avid video game players) has it really come to the majority's attention. The key issue that both sides can't agree on is whether people should be allowed to play violent games or not. I think both sides agree that extremely violent video games should not be played by young children, who have a harder time separating reality from fiction; also, the media does indeed only report one side of the …show more content…
There is a large amount of research by many respected academics that show the correlation between video game violence and real life violence (Bartholow, B.D., Sestir, M.A., Davis, E.B., 2005). However, that does not mean video game violence is the cause of real life violence. As other studies by equally respected academics show, people that are already predisposed to violence tend to gravitate towards playing video games (Delamere, F.M., 2005). There is no proven causal conclusion to be drawn from all the research done on this subject; although, the writer tries to draw his own conclusion: "I believe that [violent video games, music and movies] do the total opposite and allow us to vent some of the built up anger we have that leads to violence." If only he provided some kind of concrete evidence to prove his point, it would sound much more credible.
The author does not provide any suggestion of a solution to the main issue: How can we prove that violence in video games does not lead to real life violence? I believe that this argument tries to bite off more than it can chew. If you are going to argue to certainty, you need more than wild accusations and exaggeration to prove

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