Video Games and Violence Essay

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One of the main concerns with respect to violence in video games compared to other media is the fact that games are immersive, and interactive. They are repetitive, and based on a reward system which is a proven psychological component of classical conditioning discovered by Ivan Pavlov. This argument however has been going on since the days of the comic book in the 50's, and because of the graphic violence portrayed in them, parents blamed them for their children's bad behavior.

It seems that blaming games, and other media in this way is quite a lazy view to take. Subsequently, it is really using game manufacturers as a scapegoat, while ignoring the bigger issue, the person who has committed this act of aggression or violence, and
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Even when games were first introduced in the 1970s there was controversy surrounding them. The first game which had controversy about the violence was Death Race, released in 1976. The object of the game was to run down fleeing gremlins, which then turned into tombstones. Although the graphics were very basic, the stick gremlins apparently resembled pedestrians, and this had people at the time worried about their children playing something so violent. Because of this "sick and morbid" violence, the 60 minutes news programme broadcast an investigation into the psychological impact of video games. It seems strange considering the look of games these days, and the realistic characters, that people worried their children might be influenced by a few white pixels.

There is a point to be made that maybe a game full of violence and shooting, could be the last straw to set someone off, who is already a naturally aggressive person anyway, but this is not really the same thing. It is down to each individual what they take from a game, and how they perceive their actions within the game, whether they think it is right or wrong to shoot someone, or to cause violence, comes from your role models who surround you as you grow up.

To look at the issue surrounding the effect of violence in video games, the sensible place to start would be to find out what kind of professional
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