Video Games and Violence

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Video Games and Violence Awe entering in more advanced society of technology, video games has become a popular source of entertainment among us. Almost all of us has rented or owned a video game and we have spent hours playing it. As we all know, video games have become the second most popular form of entertainment after television; the source of entertainment is proven to be violent. Excessive playing of video games has a huge impact on our life as well as young adults with hostile feelings, aggressive thoughts, and confusion between the real and unreal world. Today, many of us have become addicted to video games but the researches on video games prove that those who play violent…show more content…
Both types of studies—correlation-real delinquent behaviors and experimental-laboratory aggressive behaviors have their strengths and weaknesses. The convergence of findings across such disparate methods lends considerable strength to the main hypothesis that exposure to violent video games can increase (Anderson and Dill 16) Some people believe video games to be an excellent source of entertainment and to be a better option than watching TV because of their interactivity. Although video games teach children strategy and decision making skills, these qualities are only useful to virtual world. Their creativeness is just limited to the world in video games. The children are not able to apply these skills when they have to face the challenges in the real world. To me, video games can merely be a source of entertainment, not a source of knowledge or skills. It is the responsibility of parents in making video games an appropriate source of entertainment. Parents should be careful in choosing the right games for their children according to their age. The children obsessed with violent video games seem less likely to interact with the real world and find themselves struggling against the real situations. Strategy on games teaches children to utilize the resources in order to achieve a certain goal in the game.. Finally, video games can create a very
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