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Video Games in Education Since the Early 70’s video games have been giving a bad name. Parents state that video games rot the minds of children and are influencing them do be violent. These accusations are far from the truth. In my research I found that there are many positive effects of gaming. Some of these effects are increased skills, creativity, general knowledge, and also help those in need. Parents can also take proper precautions and look into a game before buying it to see if it meets the criteria discussed in this paper. Video games challenge the player and expand his ability to react fast with very little lag time. With years of practice the player becomes quicker and more accurate with the movements. Thus hand…show more content…
Video games are and interactive environment with a low cost and absolutely no risk. Games allow the gamer to have an active role in creating to the fullest extent (Video games act as educational tools). Games are worlds in which anything can be done, and the player is exposed to creativity with no limitations. When this creativity is exposed over and over, the creativity becomes stronger. Even very violent games like Grand Theft Auto 3, have educational background to them, this game allows the player to determine what type of person he will become. Gee goes on to say that “everybody plays that game (Grand Theft Auto 3) differently, they’re getting to explore identities, values, and ideologies.” (Video games act as educational tools). Also historical games such as Medal of Honor and Battlefield 1942, involve players into battles that happened in World War 2. I have learned about many battles while playing these games. I realize after playing, what type of climate the solders endured, what they fought against, and what was need to be done in order to win. These games give an accurate portrait of what the battle may have looked like, including bullets, expulsions, and historically accurate vehicles. Games like these show the students what they are actually learning. Also when the students tend to want to learn more about a particular battle, and remember information easily. Some other video games, such as
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