Video Imitation Model

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Autism has been a diagnoses that has been on the rise for children in the recent years. Children with autism lack social interactions, social reciprocity, relationships, verbal and nonverbal communication, imitation, and play skills(Maione and Mirenda 2006). Effective interactions require a range of specific skills, including watching peers and being curious, making appropriate comments, responding to other children asking to play politely, sharing, taking turns and listening to ideas of peers (Green, Drysdale et al. 2013). Imitation training is a procedure used by professionals to assist with teaching students and others desired behaviors. Over the years different training techniques has been used to reinforce desired behaviors. One in particular is video modeling which is defined as observing a target behavior demonstrated by the person on the videotape. Furthermore, video modeling has been shown as an effective…show more content…
A point-of-view modeling(POVM) use the camera angle is presented at the students eye level and shows only what the student might see within the context of the target activity of the targeted activity, skill, or context (i.e., from his or her own viewpoint) (Tetreault and Lerman 2010). In one study, the treatment package included both the presentation of the target video and reinforcement of target behavior. However, prompts were required to achieve acquisition for one of the three participants. Therefore, POVM may be a successful technique for teaching some social skills, however, limitations exist that should be further investigated (Tetreault and Lerman 2010). Also, an absent of a previous history of direct reinforcement for a specific response, a child may be motivated to imitate a video model who obtains a preferred consequence but not motivated to imitate a model who obtain a neutral or aversive consequence (Plavnick, MacFarland et al.
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