Video Library : Case Study

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Monash Video Library: Case Study
Monash Video library is a small business organisation that loans out video cassettes to its embers and makes a profit from it. Recently they have expanded their business and trying to implement a new information system to manage their business more efficiently. In this paper, we will provide a user requirement document for the organisation.
Business Overview
The overall goal of the business is to make a profit through efficient management. As it’s not an independent business organisation (because it depends on reliable assets), their goal is to use their present assets to generate continuous profits.
Business Objectives The library’s main business objectives are to make small profits from its
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Keeping one single system to manage both the records and the products makes it too slow to work with. Also, analysing borrowing patterns of all members is a lengthy process. As it 's not at high-profit business, they need to increase their annual or monthly turnover by improving their management (Hodgetts and Kuratko, 2008).
Small or medium businesses like this have a lot of potential opportunities to raise its profits (Hodgetts and Kuratko, 2008). The video library is highly dependent on its fixed assets. They can analyse their members and figure out which category of cassettes or tapes would be more popular among them. For example, most teenagers are prone to action and romantic movies or TV series. Most girls opt for romance and drama, where boys opt for action and comedy. So, these types of analysis would help them to filter out their products. Also, they have opportunities to improve in the management sector as well. They can offer cheap membership policies to get more and reliable members. So, as a small business, it has a lot of areas for opportunities for improvements.

Data Gathering and Analysis
Improving the business means improving the management. The first step to improving management is to sort out and analyse the required data’s (Xu and Quaddus, 2013). First, the business needs to gather data about their products, which products they need and how many of
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