Video Marketing Campaign Site ( 1250 Word Equivalent )

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Part 1: Marketing sites (50% of assignment 2 grade) Part 1 Option 1: Video marketing campaign site (1250 word equivalent) URL = Talking Head Hello, are you looking for the latest games, HD videos, music, and memorabilia? That is always a daunting task to do by yourself when we are here and ready to serve you. We are a U.K based company that specializes in selling video games, both latest and all-time favourites that will always leave you wanting for more. Additionally, we have a range of memorabilia that you can order anytime and we will deliver in no time because we know what each means to you. We pride ourselves in provision of quality and timely services to our clients. Our two years’ experience in this business has enabled us to…show more content…
We also have a quick dispute solution panel that is always on stand by to ensure you get what you ordered and any issue resulting from the transaction is finalized in good time, because your satisfaction is our success. You can reach us through the contact us button to enable us serve you better. Thank you for watching and we look forward to hear from you soon. The next time you order any of our products, please use this coupon code VH6TR as a special gift from our company for watching the video. Thank you. Script Video Audio Company logo set in motion clearly showing the business name {Soft and deep voice}greeting the audience “Hello, welcoming them by pre-empting their possible needs” 0.24 A display of company list of services such as latest game covers, video, music, memorabilia and caters all set in a quick succession that allow the audience to get all the relevant information {Classic music playing on the background} An accompanying voice description on the background of the content shown. Audible enough but not too loud to overshadow the music. 0.30 Images detailing why us set in motion, showing a preview of some of our distinctive products {the music continues } 0.16 Images of a team of employees on their computers illustrating a commitment to serve customers on time {Cue
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