Video Material For Final Production

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Editing. Arranging, revising, condensing, modifying and preparing a written, audio, or video material for final production. Editing is also used to decide what the viewer sees and understands in order to bring emotion and meaning forwards. The history of film and editing has had many changes and developments up until today, which inevitably means that editing styles have changed. Film first started out in the 1800 's with no editing at all. When film making first came around there wasnt such thing as editing. No cuts, rules, styles or consistancy. Instead film production was, at basic, a visual of something based on an actuality, an every-day event. For example firstever screening by editing pioneers, the Lumiere brothers was simply a…show more content…
This is a style of editing where the director attempts to make the films reality as close to the audience 's reality as possible to avoid confusion and keep chronological order in place. This means the producers are trying to make it easier for the audience to understand the action happening on screen Within continuity there are certain devices used to ensure the series of shots are continuous and seemless. Eyeline Match 180 degree rule (+30 degree): Match on Action Establishing shot Lets run through these An eyeline match engages the audience’s ability to assume things. This is series of shots that usually show someone looking at something off screen then a shot of what we want the audience to assume theyre looking at. This allows the auience to see exactly what the character is seeing and for it to make sense. Here you can see a bad example of an eyeline match. This is a genuine poster that was relesed for the advertisement of this film. The 180-degree rule is keeping shots with the camera on one side of the action. Basically, the camera stays on one side of the imaginary axis of action throughout a scene; this keeps characters grounded and avoids confusion for the audience During film production youd never cross this imaginary line. The only time when it is
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