Video Material For Final Production

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Editing. Arranging, revising, condensing, modifying and preparing a written, audio, or video material for final production. Editing is also used to decide what the viewer sees and understands in order to bring emotion and meaning forwards. The history of film and editing has had many changes and developments up until today, which inevitably means that editing styles have changed. Film first started out in the 1800 's with no editing at all. When film making first came around there wasnt such thing as editing. No cuts, rules, styles or consistancy. Instead film production was, at basic, a visual of something based on an actuality, an every-day event. For example firstever screening by editing pioneers, the Lumiere brothers was simply a movie of a train ariving at a train station. Because people had never experienced a production such as this before they genuinely believed that a train was coming towards them. A professional magician by the name of Geroge Melies, who later on became a editing pioneer also, was in the audience of that fist screening in January of 1896. From this experience he was inspired to create his own film pieces such as his first, ‘A trip to the moon’ in 1902. Upon creating his own productions he managed to discover the jump cut due to his camera cutting out during a shooting. -Jump cut: intentionally not matching action so it disturbs the illusion of continuity - used by Dziga Vertov in the production of 'Man With A Movie Camera ' Melies also
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