Video Storyboard Analysis

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Whether you are watching the TV or a video on YouTube, news stories are everywhere. Before these stories are published, an abundance of filming, editing, and thinking goes into each second of your enjoyment. Interviews are to be completed, anchors are to be filmed, and many steps are needed to complete every story. Four years ago I was introduced to Media Broadcasting and since then, I have grown my knowledge in creating, and producing, a news story video.
Before you begin anything in the video world, you first ought to think of an idea to report on. This is easily the most difficult part in the entire process because you are required to prove your creative side. Not everyone is born with a creative mind, like myself, but once you begin to
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A storyboard is similar to a paper outline in the sense that you cook up a general assumption of how your project will turn out. Each person who creates a storyboard will arrange their own differently. Some people will plan out their project to the exact second while others will fabricate a plan and use that as a generalization, but not follow it exactly. Anyway one chooses is great because it fits their own personal preference. A video storyboard consists of boxes on the left, where one will sketch film they desire, the middle has lines for seconds, and the right hand side has more lines to place words to be said. The second column is used to know how many seconds each shot will last. Later in my process I will discuss film shots and words to fill the space. Once you have a general idea of how your project will be executed, you can move onto the optional…show more content…
An anchor is crucial to a news story because this designated person introduces, explains, and concludes the project. Once you have an idea of what your interviewee(s) have said, the script writing process comes much more natural. Script writing means that you are creating the words your anchor will read. Typically the anchor will proceed the script. For example, at the BBN, our anchors for monthly broadcasts and individual stories create their own scripts because they are more in touch with the story than an outsider would be. An exception to this could be TV station anchors because there are multiple anchors. The beginning of a script is a general introduction that presents the story and gives a brief description of what the project is about. The anchor is supposed to be the one who speaks more-so than the person(s) who had been interviewed. Paraphrasing what one had said before is a common technique that can help the viewers better understand the point one is trying to bring in. This technique helps the story analysis and enables the script writer to put their own style into the presentation. Commonly this is used for the explanation, or middle of the script. After the story is explained, like in a paper, one needs to conclude everything they have just said. The conclusion will summarize the information you have presented without adding anything new.
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