Video Time, And Legend Of Korra Are All Modern Shows

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There is media already doing this; cartoons like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Legend of Korra are all modern shows aimed at kids that feature same-gender couples. For teens, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, and Gossip Girl are among many other shows exploring same-gender relationships; Game of Thrones, Friends, and Empire portray gay and bisexual couples for primarily adult audiences. While not one of these shows is totally free from any problematic aspects in how they portray their non-heterosexual characters, they exist as shows where a story is being told and characters happen not to be straight. I make this distinction for only one reason. While shows like The L Word and Will and Grace portray healthy, diverse same-gender relationships, they have often been branded as “gay” shows. For someone who grows up in a home that does not approve of other sexualities, for an individual who has not yet overcome internalized prejudices, or for the person who has not felt a reason to question their sexuality, a “gay” show may be immediately off putting. The shows can be witty, heartfelt, and beautiful, but a potential viewer may lose interest the second they hear that it is “gay”. That is why I am choosing, at least in this moment, to focus on shows where sexual minorities are part of a larger story that does not always focus on their sexualities.
Yet, why should proper representation matter? The myth that video games make kids more violent has been disproven, so why should

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