Video Workshop : Subjects Matter Essay

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Annenberg Video Workshop: “Subjects Matter”

Content-based instruction is very important in a foreign language classroom. Using content-based instruction provides students with a variety of opportunities to use the target language to learn about a specific content area. With content-based instruction, students are exposed to a considerable amount of language through motivating content. Learners explore interesting content and are engaged in appropriate language-dependent activities. Learners are taught valuable language that is embedded within relevant contexts rather than as isolated language fragments. Complex information is delivered through real life context to make it more meaningful for the students.

Before You Watch:

Reflect on Your Experience

1. What is the content of a foreign language classroom?
Foreign language has been called a content-free discipline in the past because people assume the target language is the content. However, as I have seen in my own foreign language experience and we have learned in this course, content-based instruction is used as a mode for furthering the use and knowledge of the target language. Really, the foreign language classroom can incorporate all areas of content depending on the objectives and desired outcomes of the lesson. The use of content and acquisition of language through content-based instruction will enrich the language learning process and provide an appropriate context in which the language can be used
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