Videogames: A Therapeutic Analysis

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In another approach, Griffiths M. (2003) explored videogames use in treating physically challenged children at childhood and adolescence. They enabled wheelchair users to play commercially available videogames and their results demonstrated improved physical fitness in a sample of people with spinal cord injuries, spinal cord diseases, amputations, nerve diseases, and multiple sclerosis. It also found Videogames as distractors in the role of pain management. Moreover Videogames were found to help development the social and communication skills among the learning disabled. Based on this research, it is clear from the preceding overview that in the right context, videogames can have a positive therapeutic benefit for a large range of children and adolescents.…show more content…
It is evident that gaming has already reached a level higher than just a recreational activity. There are competition on global scale of how to enable a user to enter in this virtual reality environment. Eichenbaum, Bavelier & Green (2014) showcased how video games can do serious good things, Action video game training enhances several aspects of vision. One aspect involves contrast sensitivity, or the ability to detect small incremental changes in shades of gray. Figure (1) shows the finding in a diagrammatic way that
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