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Videogames Don’t Kill People, People Kill People Every generation has pointed a finger at the recreational pastimes of young persons, accusing that these activities lead our nations youth astray and induce violent or antisocial behavior. Novels, music, TV, movies, and now the finger is pointing straight at one of the newest and quickest growing youth pastimes; videogames. This particular pastime differs from others in their reality and scope for direct participation, therefore allowing the crusty old curmudgeons to conclude that playing them leads all young people to commit acts of violence.      Numerous studies have been conducted to determine whether or not there is a direct link between violent tendencies and…show more content…
According to an article from Current Events, Harris had a self-modified version of Doom, a “Mature” rated game. However, it has since been proven that Harris had a very traumatic home life and a not-so-nice social life (“The Games Kids Play”, 2). Such factors, Walling states, “... are more predictive of youth violence and delinquency”(1). According to Gamespot’s Shahed Ahmed, research conducted by several psychologists on the short-term effects of violent videogames on kids, recently told the “... American Psychological Association that inborn traits are more likely to induce aggressive behavior in children than the direct affect of violent games”(1).      Ahmed goes on to explain the experiment in detail. Twenty-five boys and ten girls were given questionnaires, so as to determine their gaming habits. The children were then allowed to play both violent and relatively non-violent games for a period of fifteen minutes. Afterwards, they were presented with hypothetical situations and were judged on their responses to said scenarios. The researchers were able to conclude that playing violent games does not induce aggressive behavior in the short term. However, they did note that children who were inherently aggressive chose to play the more violent games (1).      Many parents and teens argue that no normal kid would be transformed by a videogame’s violence. Teens are smart

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