Viderunt Omnes Analysis

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In this documentary, Howard details the wide range of music that has existed and how it has evolved throughout the centuries. He reminds us how fortunate we are to have these different genres of music readily available on the internet. He makes a point that people back then were lucky to hear their favorite symphony at least five times in their lives. This fact made me realize how unappreciative we have become of music. We should be taking advantage of the opportunity to be able to experience music from different centuries and countries. Personally, I always considered music to be a leisure activity used in order to pass time. It was interesting to find out that during the Stone Age, music was used for serious matters. Whistles and flutes were found in…show more content…
For example, Pérotin was a French composer of the twelfth century who was well known for using multiple voices and having composed extremely complex and creative chords. In his hymn titled “Viderunt Omnes” you can clearly hear the layering of multiple voices. I agree with Howard when he says this song has a “jaunty” rhythm and “weirdly effective” harmonies. Although this song sounded strange and disorganized, it was still pleasing to listen to. The notation of the song was intense. There was so much going on and the notes were so compact. It was impressive listening to the choir perform such a complex song. Howard made me realize how lucky we are to be able to have access to a variety of music. I was surprised that I was able to enjoy music from thousands of years ago. After watching the documentary, I feel more informed about the history and evolution of music. When looking at multiple centuries, it is becomes clearer to see that there has been a huge progression of music and instruments. Music will undoubtedly continue to make advancements. It will be interesting to see what kind of instruments are going to
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