Vidsoft Technologies' Employee Issues: A Case Study

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VidSoft Introduction Vidsoft Technologies is an internet company that is headquartered in California and operates as an internet company in a high-tech sector. The case presents a problem between three employees. The primary conflict involves an employee named Hsu who works as a support engineer and his supervisor named Li. After a short period of working together, Hsu requests a transfer to a different team within the same company. The conflict between these two employees is complicated for a variety of different factors. The case involves how a supervisor named Babatunde should tackle the problems that emerge as negative organizational behaviors and how to best lead the team. The criticisms that were noted against Li were of a subjective nature. Hsu's main complaints about his supervisor consisted of primarily heuristically based interpretations of Li's leadership style. Hsu also had issues related to Li's lack of a formal education in the technical field in which they were working. He felt that without such training Li was not qualified to effectively lead the team. However, despite the lack of a related education Li did have many other professional skills that were relevant to leadership. Therefore Babatunde's decision whether or not to grant Hsu request involved many different dimensions that required a difficult decision. The decision was also important to Babatudne's career with Vidsoft. He had already established an alternative reporting structure that was not

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