Vienna Research Paper

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Vienna (Wien as said in German) is the capital of Austria and is a thriving city full of stunning artwork and teeming with culture. Situated in the centre of Europe, it is encompassed by many hills with great connections to major waterways. From a beginning as a Celtic settlement in roughly 500 BC, it changed hands countless times, becoming a significant city in Rome and the capital of many great empires. It became a huge trading city through its use of the land routes and the Danube (Europe's second longest river). In 1804 Vienna developed into the capital of the Austrian empire and has stayed constant since. With modern technology (Cars, trains, other methods) it has been able to grow further from the rivers allowing it to become more spread…show more content…
The positioning of Vienna, close to the Hungarian empire and closer proximity to the Oriental empires (Who had extensive trade with the European cities with spices, silk and other valuables) made it a crucial business area where cultures blended, and people mingled with each other. This helped diversify Vienna, incorporating other cultures ways of life, allowing Vienna to become one of the main intellectual hubs of the world. To this day Vienna is still well known for its world-class music universities and the teaching of some of the world's greatest minds. The diversification of Vienna has further helped create immense wealth with the architecture and artworks admired by the world bringing in many tourists, including the wealthy in the grand tour. Some of the greatest buildings you can see in Vienna include the Grand Hotel, Schonbrunn Palace and the magnificent buildings along Ringstrasse. One of the most famous Viennese architects is Hundertwasser who built many inspiring buildings such as the Hundertwasserhaus. He even took inspiration from New Zealand, using many of the native Maori symbols and even created the toilet block in
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