Viet Nam : The World Trade Organization ( Wto )

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In recent years, Viet Nam has become the fastest growing industry in East Asia, the long run growth of this country economy can be illustrated in several historical periods. The paper will begin with the historical time before and after the Economic liberalization _ Doi Moi in 1986.The the study will focus on the time when Viet Nam joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) at 2007 and finally is the performance of government in

The Back Ground of Viet Nam Economy
Viet Nam is a growing and transforming economy, the country is in the group of the highest growth rates countries in the world. The country has succeeded in maintaining an average growth rate of about 7% annually. In 10 years of implementing the economic development strategy
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The research showed the readers Viet Nam 's position in the international arena is raised, creating an important premise for accelerating industrialization and modernization and improving the quality of life of citizen.
Over the past 20 years, Viet Nam has used the natural advantages to promote its own market power via opening markets and investment in fundamental infrastructure. However, they also need to appreciate the process of economic growth in the past years and learn some new way to improve the sustainable development of Viet Nam 's economy in the future. Historical Events in Economic Growth
The Hồng Bàng period,was a period in Viet Namese history in the time from the political union in 2879 BC of numerous tribes of the northern Red River Valley to the victory by A Dương Vuong in 258 BC.The economy was mostly depend on rice paddy cultivation and crafted works, hunting and gathering, farming and fishing. Particularly, the aptitude of bronze casting was at high level. The well-known relics are Đông Sơn Bronze Drums on which delineated house models, fashion, custom, and social activities of the Hùng period. After this long last time based on farming and fishing, the country try to implement the policy of specialize the best product in each provinces and urban areas.
In the mid-19th century, Vietnam 's economy is under the French colonial economy and protectionism. This is the
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