Vietnam And North And South Vietnam

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Bunch, Justin
Essay 3, Vietnam, Sum 14
Prof. Biggs
Ideology, Nation-Building, Dissent and War in North and South Vietnam Char. within Vietnam, invaded by the Chinese, parceled up by the French and later divided by the west again. The United States aiding the South, and the North structured based off of a variation of Communism. Has had in modern times a rough couple hundred years. Before reunification was achieved, many steps had to be followed by both halves in order to become whole once more. Now this doesn’t imply in the least that the North from the outset would win as the South took a more decidedly Western and capitalist approach to nation building and nationalist ideology. Hearts and minds are what would prevail not military might. Ideology In both countries was still very much Vietnamese. In fact this core aspect of Vietnam identity was retained in both cases such as customs and religious occurrences. In the South National ideology borrowed heavily from the west, I.E. capitalism and later Pro US as a strong backer. The North took its ideology from the Communist regimes in both China and more importantly from Russia. The North under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh early on turned from Chinese Ideology to a Russian one. As such its communism was not directly a result of the Mao model but more based off of the Lenin and later Stalinist version of Communism. This ideology used by the North was just a means to an end however. Ho Chi Minhs goal and in turn North
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