Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was probably one the most infamous war in the history of the United States. Vietnam was divided into North and South Vietnam as a result of the Indochina War. North Vietnam belonged to the Communists and its allies after World War II and South Vietnam belonged to the anti-Communist supporters and their allies (the U.S was one of South Vietnam’s allies). It all started as an effort by America to keep South Vietnam away from Communism. Americans feared that if South Vietnam adapted and accepted Communism like North Vietnam did, then the rest of the world would gradually do the same. This was much commonly known as the domino theory. America was afraid that Communism would spread and expand all over South Asia and eventually all over the world. This conflicting opinion on whether or not Vietnam should be a Communist country ultimately lead to the horrific battle between the countries in which the United States was involved. The Vietnam War lasted 20 years from 1955 to 1975.
I interviewed my friend’s grandfather named James Keeno who was enlisted as a soldier in the Vietnam War from 1969 to 1971. At the time, Mr. Keeno was 28 years old. Being African American, Mr. Keeno said how it felt like an opportunity for African American men to show their manhood, capabilities, and strength to everyone back home. He also stated how being enlisted in the army as an African American was an opportunity to possibly be treated with the same equal respect as white men. During…

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