Vietnam Essay Outline

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Vietnam Essay Outline

(Growing protest in america)• protest grew during nixons presidency due to his media coverage
• famous protesters such as John Lennon rilled up more Americans against the war
•in march 1971 the conviction of lieutenant William L Calley jr. For war crimes raised some of the most famous and main moral issues. His unit was behind the massacre of more then 500 civilians in south Vietnam which of all were unarmed women and children and old men which none offered any resistance to the u.s: war critics used this trial to bring attention to the large number of civilians killed.
• it was the first American war to be televised
•The movement against U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War began small--among peace activists
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•13.7 billion gallons of fuel were used the U.S. forces between 1966 and 1972.
•This total is enough to heat 10,800,000 American homes for an entire year, and it does not include the billions of gallons used in transporting troops and equipment from the U.S. and U.S. bases to the War.
•$132.7 billion Budgeted War Costs (1965-1972)
•$28.5 billion Military and economic aid to Saigon regime (1953-1975)
•$2.4 billion Military and economic aid to Laotian regime (1953-1975)
•$2.2 billion Military and economic laid to Cambodian regime (1953-1975)
•$0.3 billion Aid to French war effort 1949-1952
•$2.0 billion Approximate cost of the war FY 1975

(Results of war ) • about 58,000 American military personal died in the war and about 300,000 were wounded
• south Vietnamese military loses were approximately 224,000 killed and 1 million wounded.
•North Vietnamese and Vietnam cong losses totalled about 1 million dead and 600,000 wounded
• in 1976 north and south Vietnam lwere united into a single nation which was renamed the socialist republic of Vietnam. North Vietnamese leaders then forced their own ridged political views on the south. They inprisoned thousands who had held responsibility in the south Vietnamese army or government.
•The chemical most used for Operation Ranch Hand was known as Agent Orange. In 1969 alone, 1,034,300 hectares of forest was destroyed
•Agent Blue was sprayed on crops in an effort to deprive the North of its food supply. Between 1962

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