Vietnam Propaganda; Planting a Seed in the Mind of American Soldiers

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Vietnam in 1954 was a country that had nationalism flowing in their veins after the decades of being under French and for a short time the Japanese rule. All the Vietnamese wanted was to be its own country. The North started fighting back the French and did whatever they could to take back their homeland. The French were beginning to feel this under the numerous attacks the Vietnamese started against them. A number of nations met to determine how the French could peacefully withdraw. The Geneva Accords came from the meetings and a cease fire was initiated. The French left and their was a temporary division along the 17th parallel. A democratic election was to be held in 1956 that would reunite the country under one government.…show more content…
The leaflets pointed directly at the American ideals. However, early in the war, all of the Viet Cong leaflets were simple hand-written text with very short messages. These short messages were shot and to the point, but very powerful. They hit americans specifically saying they were doing things that they weren’t. In their eyes though everything they were doing were these words or they were used just to weaken the american resolve. (NATIONAL LIBERATION) The pamphlet to the left read in vietnamese, “Stop the war, G.I.’s! Don’t fight the Vietnamese who are struggling for Peace, Independence and Freedom.” (Propaganda Leaflets) Leaflets were made like this to try to have americans feel sympathy and realize that their struggle is a one that everyone struggles for. That everyone wants freedom especially the Vietnamese that have been repressed. As the Vietnam War continued, the North Vietnamese reported on the public opinion in the United States. Specifically the American public’s reaction to any massacre of innocent civilians. After careful research they saw the Americans showing sympathy. Vietnamese then began to orchestrate a program to denigrate the U.S. military. They showed this by saying that the killing of the innocents was not accidental but a policy deliberately fostered by the U.S. High Command in Vietnam. General William Westmoreland was one such person singled out by the

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