Vietnam War : A Side Of View

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Vietnam War: Another Side of View
Growing up in the late 1980s in Vietnam, I was getting a more comfortable life than my parents when the economy of Vietnam was on the way of recovery after the Vietnam War. I did not know much about Vietnam War and what my grandparents and my parents had witnessed and experienced. When I was in Vietnam, I have been told repeatedly that it was a 20-year-Resistance-War against America from 1954 to 1975 between the government of South Vietnam and North Vietnam. My family was in Danang City in Central region, so my parents did not involve directly in the war because they were not soldiers. Nevertheless, the war had a great impact on people’s lives from North to South region. This event was a great landmark in the history of Vietnam and America.
Spending over 20 years in Vietnam, I have seen marches and celebrations on April 30th annually as Southern Liberation Day to memorize the day America’s army withdrew from South Vietnam. It is one of the biggest national days. However, when I came to the U.S, Vietnamese Communities in the whole nation marked April 30th as a National Day of Resentment. They also hold a meeting to memorize “The Day We Lost the Country”. Meanwhile, Americans named it as the fall of Saigon in 1975. I was wondering why there are so much different in the point of view of Vietnamese in Vietnam and oversea. There were a number of questions in my mind that urged me to research about Vietnam War and study about the collapse of…
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