Vietnam War Effect

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In 1954, The Geneva Accords called for a cease-fire, a temporary division of the 17th parallel, and for all Viet Minh forces to remain in the north while French and Vietnam troops remained in the south. Refugees were allowed 300 days in which to move from one zone to the other before the border were sealed, and national elections were planned to be held in 1956 in order to unify the country. The Accords also stated that, “that the military demarcation line is provisional and should not in any way be interpreted as constituting a political or territorial boundary” . While the United States acknowledged the Accords and stated they would not interfere with the process, they refused to sign the Final Declaration because they were sure the Viet Minh leaders would win in those elections. The U.S. feared that a Communist win in Vietnam would mean an automatic spread to Asia, which would then…show more content…
According to Congressional Research Service [CRS] Reports , the U.S. spent almost $111 billion on the Vietnam War, which left a heavy burden on the economy. The National Archives and Records Administration reports more than 52,000 American soldiers were killed and more than 160,000 others were wounded. In addition, there were nearly 700,000 veterans who suffered psychological effects of the war, resulting in a mental burden as well. Unfortunately, loss of life, decrease in morale and money problems were only the beginning of the issues caused by the war. People began to lose faith in their government and questioned the claim of the U.S. being the defender of freedom. Their actions leading up to the Vietnam War has been a point of scrutiny and criticism for the US government for decades. It angered the American people, created a political scandal for the country and forced the government to make drastic changes to the way they approach conflict and deal with other
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