Vietnam War Point Of View

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Despite popular belief, Vietnam has been the battleground for only a limited number of military conflicts in history. The country fell under the rule of China and France at early points in its history before claiming its full independence in 1945. Many Americans still view Vietnam from the Vietnam War point of view because it ended in a United States defeat. Since that war almost 40 years ago, Vietnam’s leadership has had a plan in place to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and solidify its place in the world. Today, Vietnam continues to thrive economically by taking advantage of its natural resources and location despite being the home to one of the last single-party Socialist governments in the world. Vietnam is a long winding section of land on the eastern side of the Indochinese peninsula. Including its island area, it has just over 128,000 miles of land, or slightly more space than the state of New Mexico. Vietnam has three borders countries: China (to the north), Laos (to the central-west) and Cambodia (to the southwest). On a map, the country looks like an elongated-S just over 1,000 miles in length and only 31 miles in width at its maximum. Three main bodies of water also border Vietnam. The water boundaries are the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, the South China Sea to the southeast, and the Gulf of Tonkin to the northeast. The country claims the first 12 nautical miles off its shoreline as territorial property and the first 200 nautical miles as an
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